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About Shahi Jama Masjid, Sultanpur Adampur

Shahi Jama masjid of Sultanpur Adampur is the biggest mosque of the village constructed in the year 1601 during Mughal times. currently the magnificent mosque is having 43,056 sq ft total land area that consists of the main prayer area and two large varandas. the Shahi mosque has always been a sacred center of worship among the villagers and secures a special place in their lives. lately the deteriorating structure of the mosque has been a concern for all of us.

Keeping this in view the mosque committee has decided to reconstruct the old mosque that includes having a newly designed mosque structure with a covered area of 6000 sq ft. the total cost of construction is estimated as 6,00,00,000 INR. though by God's grace and people's support the mosque development work is in progress for the last 6 months but to ensure that it continues, the cash flow needs to be maintained. for this we need your financial support along with the Almighty's blessings.

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